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historical baking

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seeking ovens in Kentucky/Carolinas?

October 20, 2011 - 9:21pm -- jkeir

Our small bakery operation will be traveling to a historical event in Louisville Kentucky and then onwards through the mountains to Camden, SC (through Knoxville, TN and Asheville NC)...and we're wondering if there's someplace we could impose upon someone else's wood-fired oven to bake some bread, saving us hours of heavy set-up of our own "portable" oven. 

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Hello again.

Quite by accident, I happened to stumble across this film from Belgium, made in 1956. I enjoyed it, and maybe you will too.


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using mother starter in historic recipes

October 19, 2009 - 8:21am -- cen

I am in charge of a 150th anniversary celebration of a church cookbook that includes several "light biscuit" and "roll" recipes using a yeast starter. The recipe for starter given in the cookbook involves hops (difficult for me to find). I'm wondering if I could use the mother starter (barm)  from Peter Reinhart's BBA that I keep on hand in place of the "yeast" called for in the two recipes below:

"Light Biscuit"

1 quart warm milk

3/4 c lard and butter mixed

3/4 c yeast

2 T sugar

1 t salt

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