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Mature Culture, and when to build the Levain, as well as other questions

January 10, 2013 - 10:10pm -- Born2Bake

I know to use a culture that rises and falls predictably after feedings.. I understand that much, however. When a recipe calls for the use of a "Mature Culture" to build your levain does it mean...

A)  Use the culture at the deflated unfead state to build your Levain that sits for 12-16 hrs.
B) Use a culture that has been fed, built up until it is at its peak height and would float on water- use that to make your levain that will then sit for 12-16 hours.

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Only my baguettes are pale.

December 13, 2012 - 5:57am -- WilderThanYeast

Whenever I make baguettes, they don't brown at all, no matter how long I leave them in. They burn before browning. I was wondering why's that? My oven is at the right temp and every type of bread I make browns properly in the oven, EXCEPT baguettes (lean dough).

Another minor problem: my baguettes are almost always slightly flat. I'd like them to be more round.

I tried both Ciril Hitz's recipe and Akiko's recipe here on TFL.


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Now what do I do?

November 21, 2012 - 11:13pm -- LisaE

Thanks to SourdoughLady's encouragement and advice, I now have definintely created a monster. I have named her Ursula =D This pic is 4 hours after a 1:3:5 feeding, holy moly. And wow, it smells like brandy......I love the smell of brandy

So now, I need a little help. How do I maintain her, in the fridge? And how do I use her? Is this a 67% hydration?

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Hello friends. 

This comming January I have an opertunity to go to Ghana and install a dripp irrigation system for people in Homabenase so they can grow their own food. In order for me to get there I have to raise money and who else can I ask if not people who I share interest with. Please take a moment to look at this site and help me out. Thank you



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Any SF bakers willing to donate a little starter?

January 9, 2012 - 9:18pm -- totels

I have been travelling for 2 1/2 years with my starter and I finally left it behind by accident. I am visiting some friends in SF and meant to bring my Starter with me and mistakenly left it behind at another friends place in LA. Are there any SF bakers with a fresh sourdough that might be willing to donate a sample I can bake with this week? I took a chance and asked at Tartine, but they shot me down. :(

Feeling naked w/o my starter, help! (I'm in Potrero, but the busses here are amazing so I can come get it probably just about anywhere.)



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