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help and comments please...

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Help!!! I hate my new Bosch Universal...not getting good results, need help

May 9, 2010 - 10:14am -- nancy58

I purchased a new Bosch Universal (mixer only) and have used it twice in the 10 days I have had it. First time made 1 loaf and dough climbed up over the top of the metal dough hook, gluten development was ok, I think it is much better in my KA 600 Pro. Today I made a 4 loaf recipe of 100% whole wheat thinking that with more dough it would help the dough staydown in the bowl better...not to be. This time it even went UNDER the dough hook. Moderate gluten development but was never soft, supple dough despiteadding 1 3/4 cups pf additional flour and hand kneading it.

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comments and help on my sourdough?

October 10, 2009 - 7:15am -- breitbaker

after a brief (3 weeks maybe?) hiatus from sourdough ...I'm back at it again.....(fall seems to come upon me and then i am struck with baking apple dumplings, oatmeal spice whoopie pies, sticky buns, etc)   anyway, these are photos of my latest bake.....I just need some comments and suggestions's the formula:(thanks to susan in SF!! i wish i could do it more justice)

50 grams starter (refreshed about 12 hours previous 10g:25g:45g as per Glezer--my house has been about 68 degrees)

204 g water

275 g wheat montana unbleached white flour

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