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Yesterday my bread baking world got a strong hit! My wife dragged me in a nutritional health presentation. With most of the advice and recommendations presented I have no issue and I'm ok to eat raw vegetables, fruit, add parsley and cilantro to everything and drink green smoothies.

What really bothers me was that the presenter said that wheat is an extremely harsh food and the gluten in wheat is very bad for your health. Even my beloved sourdough multigrain rolls and bread she considers as bad.

I would be interested in what we as artisan bread bakers should answer to such an opinion.



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Good reasons to bake your own bread instead of using prepared mixes and kits

August 18, 2009 - 1:59pm -- sojourner

A day or three ago I read a message from someone who asked, very reasonably, why make bread from scratch when it's possible to turn out bread from prepared mixes at  lower cost and which rise every time. They're good questions and they're ones we may all have asked at some previous time.

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Yeast and health

April 17, 2009 - 8:19pm -- Eran


I have just stopped following an alkaline diet which banns yeast consumption. My reasons for stopping were the lack of science behind the approach. However, some things remained with me, like the sugar free part of the diet.

However, for a couple of years now I've been suffering from repeating skin rashes on my legs, which improved dramatically while following the diet. I am obviouly not interested in reversing that process. I have been told that yeast (which feeds on sugar) is not highly recommended untill symptoms are gone.

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I decided after a few sensible, somewhat alarmist, posts here on TFL that i would not buy unglazed flooring tiles (terracotta, saltillo, etc) for use in my oven. There are too many health concerns involved with the manufacturing and raw material differences between flooring tiles and bakeware. Any cause for concern should not be ignored. It's likely that flooring tiles could be perfectly fine to bake with. On the other hand, maybe not.

It helps that I'm getting a good amount of money back after taxes, which I decided to spend on a baking stone and other baking equipment. And to keep track of what I could get, I'm putting together this list:

Sur La Table, (Best Manufacturers) $42, 14x16x5/8

Old Stone, (via Amazon) firebrick, $29.95, 14x16x?

Breadtopia, Fibrament, $51, 13x17.5x3/4, $69, 15x20x3/4

Ace Mart, American Metalcraft, Corderite, $44, 14x16x1/2

Central Restaurant, Fibrament, $58.49, 15x20x3/4


i never thought i'd see the day that sur la table looked like an economic option!

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White Whole Wheat Bread -- What is it?

January 15, 2008 - 9:34am -- breadslinger

White Whole Wheat -- What is it?

I understand that whole wheat contains the bran, rich in fiber, endosperm, the largest part of a wheat kernel, consisting of protein and water, and the germ, the embryo of the wheat, surrounded by highly nutritious vitamins, minerals and oils. What parts of the wheat kernel consist the white whole wheat flours we see today?  

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