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hard white winter

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Need help locating already milled hard winter white flour

September 28, 2009 - 6:22pm -- shuert4

I'm new to this blog and thought maybe someone on here could help. I just started to make my own bread using store bought flour. I can not afford a mill at this time and am trying to find already milled hard winter white flour. Does anyone know where I can find that without splitting my pocketbook open?? My girlfriend makes the best bread using a 2-1 hard red and hard white ratio, but she has a mill. So I need help! If hard white is not to be found can I use bread flour in lieu of the hard winter white?? Any helps would be great!!


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Any interest in whole wheat/rye/triticale berries?

May 11, 2008 - 12:36pm -- kansas_winter_wheat

Hello everyone.  I'm posting this as a feeler for anyone interested in whole, unground wheat berries.  We're a small farm in kansas, and are currently looking to cater to home-millers by producing and shipping custom amounts of wheat/rye/triticale depending on the demand for each.  We currently will have hard red winter wheat available as of about july or september, and depending on the interest, can make hard white winter wheat, rye, and triticale(a cross between rye and wheat) available as needed (by next year)  Please e-mail your interests, i.e, what kind of product you wish to see, typ

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