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Hand milling as opposed to electric milling

May 6, 2009 - 11:58am -- Swadeshi

Does anyone know if there is any qualitative difference in the nutritional value of flour that has been ground by hand as opposed to flour which has been ground by an electric mill?

People who juice their own juices say that slower is better. The heat generated by a fast motor destroys nutrients from the vegetable.

Is this also true of milling flour?

If a small electric mill can grind 100 pounds of flour in one hour I imagine the heat generated must be significant. But then again, flour intended for bread gets cooked.


amyt's picture

French bread and pie crusts

November 22, 2008 - 6:52pm -- amyt

WOW! Made my first hand-milled loaf... and my arm'd tired but we are HOOKED on the taste!!!

Well, always looking for a challenge, I'm now wondering if I dare work hand-milled into the family THanksgiving I'm hosting (I know, nothing like last minute planning). I'll be doing French bread with the appetizer, which I usually make with KA all-purpose flour... anyone made French bread with hand-milled? Should I use hard white wheat? Would it make more sense to mix hand-milled with store-bought?

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