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Hamburger buns

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I made Norm's Onion Rolls back in April and wish I had posted them then. That bunch seemed to be a little more aesthetic. These were great tasting and Norm's Onion Rolls, along with Henry's Scones have made me quite popular with the neighborhood.

Burger with Norm' s Onion Roll and Mr. Stripey tomatoes! Delicious!!

Thanks Norm and Henry!! ehanner's made me covet that onion poppy seed explosion again!

Thanks for making them look so good again!


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Susan's Soft Hamburger Rolls

August 24, 2008 - 4:21pm -- anarista

I am new to the group and you all have helped me before with another question. This question is about something different. I have been drooling over the pictures of Susan's hamburger buns and have looked at the recipe and I need help in understanding the ingredient measurements. I do not have a scale to measure with and do not understand metric at all. I need the ingredients in good old fashioned English measurements. Like cups, teaspoons and the like. Is this doable or do I need a scale to make them?

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July 9, 2007 - 4:16pm -- weavershouse

Hi Bill,Check out my BLOG and see the hamburger and hot dog rolls I made today. They didn't come out as pretty as yours but they taste so good. Thanks for the great recipe.                                                                                                             weavershouse

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Thanks Bill for the great recipe. These were fun to make and I'll certainly make them often. I made them 3 oz. each so ended up with 12 or 13 rolls for each batch. I made sandwichs with the first tomato from the garden and our lettuce too. I didn't have time to take a better picture because my husband was standing there begging for his second sandwich. He said I take more pictures of my breads than of my grandchildren:D.



Anyway, I have to improve my shaping some but otherwise these are sooo good and easy to make.



By the way, what does 30g of olive oil come to in tablespoons? 


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