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gummy bread

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Hi From Boston...... UK... here to make a decent loaf

March 20, 2013 - 9:15am -- mose

Hi all, 

I'm from the good old U of K, Boston (New York is just down the road - a hamlet of about 20 houses!).

Anyway, I've done a fair bit of baking but have not had the amount of success I think is deserved compaired to the amount of effort I have put in. Thats why I am here, to basically get acomplised at baking a basic white loaf. I see on this site that there is any number of recipes but all I want to do is concentrate on using the basics (flour, water, salt, yeast and maybe some oil) to make the basic.

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gummy Struan

February 8, 2010 - 10:09am -- hilo_kawika

I'm happy to say that thanks to the good advice I've received here and from other friends, I've had pretty good luck with my bread baking.  But when I tried to make Peter Reinhart's version of struan bread from his Artisan Baking Every Day book the results were disappointing.

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Yeah, I baked a loaf today.  I improvised a recipe:

1 c. white flour                    4 t. oil

1 c. whole wheat flour          3 T. pepitas

1/2 t. salt                          1 T. wheat germ

1 1/4 t. yeast                     2 T. wheat bran

3/4 c. water                        2 T. sesame seeds, 2 T. flax seeds

Used the dough setting on the bread machine.  Took the dough out, let it rise 20 minutes, baked it at 400 degrees for about 22 minutes.  I waited an hour, then cut it.  It was kind of gummy.  Edible, but too gummy for my likes.

I looked here on Fresh Loaf, and the suggestions to fix gummy bread are: wait longer to cut it.  Bake it longer.

Well, I think I waited long enought to cut it.  But I had the distinct sense that this bread didn't get cooked enough.  Next time, I'm thinking: a) use a high temp and b) bake longer. 

Gummy bread has been a problem for me.  I could also ask my son Bob.  He's an ace baker and he might have some suggestions.  Actually, his bread is my ideal of bread.  His bread is super chewy and the gluten is really developed.  He gets this texture by mixing it a long time - he's got a Kitchen Aid Pro 6 mixer.  He bakes a lot of bread.





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