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grilled pizza

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This is something I recently decided I had to finally try. I saw it on an episode of Good Eats, and decided it was really a great idea, especially since its 85 degrees in my house right now. Throughout the years I've actually found a surprising amount of Alton Browns recipes to be really good so I tried out his recipe with a few differences. I made more of an "American style" pizza with a sourdough crust lots of sauce and spicy sausage. It really was pretty incredible. Although I've made it a few times since I'm still mastering the art of...not setting my dough on fire. One night I even made these little pizza buns on the grill as well. 



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I tried making the grilled pizza margharita featured last week on WildYeast over the weekend. The recipe makes two pizzas so I grilled one Friday night and the second, Saturday for lunch.

Friday night's pizza was about a 10" round. I had difficulty getting our gas BBQ to heat evenly (it has three elements running front to back but the backs of all three are hotter than the fronts). Consequently, it cooked too fast, got too brown on the back side, and was slightly underdone in the middle (didn't cook all the way through).

To remedy the problem I decided to make Saturday's pizza into a rectangle and lower the heat so it would cook all the way through. My second attempt was much more successful: nothing got burned and the pizza dough was cooked all the way through.

Grilled pizza is definitely different than its oven baked cousin. It was thicker and the crust had a nice crunch, but the flavor of the mozzarella just seemed a little blah on the grill. Would I make it again? Yes, but with a stronger topping, e.g., sausage and firmer, perhaps marinated mozzarella or pesto and shrimp. It was nice not to have to preheat the oven for an hour on a day when the temperature was nearly 100ºF here!


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Where parchment doesn't work

March 27, 2009 - 7:42pm -- xaipete

I learn most things by experience, and this evening taught me that it isn't a very good idea to put parchment paper under a pizza that you are going to cook on a stone on the BBQ. Wow, it was really exciting! The parchment paper immediately caught fire and melted into the pizza. The pizza also was really black on the bottom--I mean really black (think it was a combination of the heat of the stone and the ability of what Bruce would term the lowest of low grades of parchment's ability to melt into anything subjected to 600 degrees).

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Let me just say ...

July 14, 2008 - 5:39pm -- JMonkey

... that Peter Reinhart's "Sweet and Sour Onion Marmelade" is really really good. I made a sourdough, whole-wheat grilled pizza last night (no recipe, really -- I kinda just threw it together) and made the onion marmelade from American Pie.

Amazingly tasty. I plan to use it on sandwiches and, given how incredibly tasty it is, I may just make a foccacia for dinner sometime this week!


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Americas Test Kitchen Grilled Pizza

June 7, 2007 - 7:03pm -- Aelric

I spent a few months looking for a good grilled pizza recipe awhile back. I eventually stumbled upon a version by Americas Test Kitchen, which actually turned out pretty darn good. It took me awhile to convince my wife and kids that I could make a pizza on my gas grill, but that didn't stop them from eating it. :) Actually, everybody I've mentioned it to is skeptical about it. Not sure if they doubt my skills or the concept in general. It's a fairly straight forward recipe, but there are a couple things that can easily be modified for your tastes.

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