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Great supplier for baking/cooking supplies

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Baking/cooking supplier....fantastic quality/prices

January 8, 2011 - 10:48am -- trailrunner

I just received my first order from The Web Restaurant store. WOW.....they not only have amazing prices but  the order was placed on the 5th and I  got it this AM and the shipping charge was cheap. The quality of every item I ordered is perfect. Packaging perfect also. This is what I got and the prices so you will have a rough idea. 

3 pkgs of 100 sheets each...parchment paper. 4.39 ea

10" hi heat silicon scrapers 2.39 ea

6"x3" beautiful metal and wood cutter/dough scraper 1.49 ea ( these are gorgeous ) 

boar bristle pastry brushes 2"- 2.49 ea

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