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I've been experimenting with beer bread and granary style bread. For this round I used a doppelbock along with some stuff labeled malt powder that I got at my local Korean grocery store. I tried it with WW flour as is included in a lot of recipes, but I felt like it was competing with the malt powder, so this one is just AP flour, plus what's in my starter.

I think this was 9 hours from mix to start of bake. I kneaded it for about 5 minutes after I mixed it and then let it bulk ferment for around 3 hrs at ~86F, shaped as a boule and let it proof in a towel lined bowl for another 6 hrs at 86F again before slashing and baking at 450 F for 40-45 min. The big revelation for me on this bread was using a lame to make the slashes. Up until now I've been using various knives and the difference blew me away, hence the crazy pattern- I was just enjoying the ease with which I could make the cuts.

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Granary Bread
Ingredients grams
AP Flour 270
Total Liquid 180
Water 22
Beer 158
Salt 6
Malt Powder 30
Stiff Levain 51
Total Dough Weight  537
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Hovis Granary flour

February 25, 2011 - 8:53am -- maziej

I am a moderately experienced bread baker, challah weekly, sweet rolls, dinner rolls, whole wheat and white sandwich loaves, the usual starter stuff. I have a dear friend who travels to UK frequently so I now have a reliable source of Hovis Granary flour (2 bags in freezer now). I want to make Granary baps for chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches.

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