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grain mill

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Osttiroler Getreidemühlen model A 100 110V grain mill for sale on eBay

January 19, 2013 - 11:36am -- Crider

Rare find. I wish I had the bucks to buy it myself. As of this writing, it's going for only $102.50, with a day or so before the auction ends. They look so cool. This one has a 10cm stone. I went to their website and they still make them. I had no idea they ever exported them to the US.

Here's the link:

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Home-milled porridge?

June 18, 2012 - 4:57am -- kolobezka

I got a Komo mill from my friend 3 week ago. It's great! The smell of fresh flour is awesome :)

It works very well for bread making and I'm now wondering how it could be used to make regular morning cereal. In Germany a "FrischKornBrei" is quite popular but the grain (ground into coarse flour) is not cooked, only soaked with cold water, so I'm not sure if it is really well digestible.

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Hawos Mill

June 9, 2012 - 3:56pm -- nbensch

Just a note to anyone looking to purchase a new flour mill.

I recently purchased a Hawos Billy 100 flour mill from an ebay vendor in Germany for a pretty reasonable price.  The vendor has quite a few mills for sale, and they come in quite a bit cheaper than what you would find in North America.  Of course, you should be comfortable with the fact that warranty issues may be harder to deal with, but they look pretty sturdy and I feel that Hawos would stand behind their mill regardless.  I received it about 1 week from the day I purchased it.

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CHEF - Montana

I am very pleased to find this web page and have enjoyed reading all the blogs that have been posted.  Most of them seem to have one thing in common and that is concern about their grain mill and flour over heating.  I have ground grain for many years and have learned that moisture in the grain can be the most common problem.  I had problems with some wheat that I had purchased from a local farmer. I noticed that when ever I tried to grind it the grain mill became hot easily and the flour was moist. The grain mill would become glazed and stop. My Father noticed this and since he had raised wheat and other grains all his life he reminded me that the problem was that there was too high of a moisture content in the grain.  I realized that he was right and I put some of the wheat in a shallow pan and put it in the oven on warm for about an hour and then I stired it and let it stay in the warm oven a little longer. I then turned the oven off and let it set until it had cooled down.  I then put it in an air tight metal container. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to grind it the next time as it went through easily and I was able to grind what I needed plus more and the grain mill was warm but not hot.  If you notice that your flour sticks together more that normal when you are using your grain mill, this could be your problem. It might take a little time to dry your grains but it will be worth it to have your grinding process go faster.

I have a website that features kitchen and cooking supplies.  My goal is to bring a "Kitchen Supply Store" to those who live in rural areas where shopping is limited and to those who like to shop from home.  If you like to look at fun and useful items, you might enjoy browsing around on the pages and the blog.  For those of you who like to bake, you will find grain mills, mixers, speciality pans and many more useful items. 

Thanks for looking- THE CHEF IN YOU



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Where to buy Soft Red Wheat in Ohio

April 24, 2011 - 3:24pm -- catfuzz

I am looking for someplace local to buy soft red wheat.  I am located north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The only 'local' place - at a farmer market, that has soft wheat wants like $7.50 for a 5lb bag!  Okay, this just seems a little high to me considering I can get a 25lb bag of hard wheat for $12 and 5lbs isn't going to last me very long.

I can mail order from for $2.10/5lb bag, but shipping really starts to add up when you get 20+lbs. 

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decent inexpensive grain mill

April 14, 2011 - 5:24am -- tsaint

I just got some fresh wheat berries and I want to grind them into flour. I tried using my beer grinders but they didn't work at all so I had to use my coffee grinder. 

Please take a look at my blog site!

I just made some fresh wheat bread, it's awesome! But the coffee grinder takes forever..

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New Nutrimill - now I have some questions...

March 31, 2011 - 4:33pm -- catfuzz

I am so excited!! I received my Nutrimill grain mill today!! 

I ran 2 cups of wheat through the mill as per the instructions....I have a couple of questions.

1. After milling, do you break down the machine and wash all of it?? If not, which pieces do you wash?  Do you take the rubber gaskets off and wash?


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