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This recipe worked.. but the taste... ewww

November 30, 2012 - 2:58am -- Bohemian Mama

I do not know if it was the molassas ... I have never  cooked  so much of it before. But the taste was like tangy like eating spoonfuls of baking soda  (bicarb soda for australians)

Do you think this would work if I used, golden syrup, or rice syrup or  any lighter  syrup and  say only 1/3 of the molassas?

 The only  gingerbread recipes I can find are  for  crispy cookie style.. Not the  rich fudgy cake style.


1-½ c. sourdough starter

½ c. butter

½ c. sugar

1 egg, beaten

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If anyone remembers, I intended to make a Spooky Gingerbread House to go on top of a cake for our Halloween party. Well, I got carried away and it won't fit. Who cares, the kids like it. I know it shows up a little over the top in the photos, but in person it does not. Don't know why.... Oh well, Happy Halloween Ya'll!

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The Gingerbread I baked last night I did not bake long enough, so the ends were done (and quite tasty) but I threw away the majority of it. So sad.

However, the miche I baked Monday night came out fantastic.


Pretty, pretty loaf.

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my first sourdough loaf... as i suspected since the starter was only a week old, it was not the strongest of sourdough i've ever had, but it was not bad. tasted more like a french bread with a slight sour. my family ate it up!

cream cheese snails! they came out much larger than i though they would and i ended up making ten, rather than eight, so maybe next time i will adjust the dimensions slightly and lessen the baking time. all in all though, they came out pretty good. best with a cup of tea!

pain aux raisins. i made 10 of these too in addition to the snails. i left 5 of each at home with my family and within a night and a morning they were all gobbled up (between 4 people). so i guess my family approved!

and last but not least - gingerbread dinosaurs! haha, i hand carved them all since i do not have any cookie cutters. i brought them to a party and to my surprise they were all gobbled up. i did though have one complaint. my father said they were crunchy... but i told him they were supposed to be, like ginger snaps! alas, he was just mad that he could not eat them like everyone else because he is having teeth troubles.


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