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GFS now carries Pillsbury Bakery Flour

September 28, 2010 - 9:54am -- Igwiz

I finally found what I was looking for at GFS.  It is a Pillsbury brand Short Patent Flour.  It is unbleached, unbromated and unenriched.  I actually like it better (and have had better results) than KA Bread Flour.

They don't however, stock it in many of the stores, so you have to call and ask them to order it in.  In Cincinnati, that means a 24 hour turn-around.  I ordered 100 pounds yesterday at 3:30 and picked it up this morning at 8:05.

It is $18.99 for a 50# bag, or a total of $0.38 per pound.

When calling, the item number is 561096.

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