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gelatinized starter

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Does something happen to the water in scalded rye?

November 2, 2010 - 1:39am -- JeremyCherfas

I'm wondering, when you gelatinize rye, does the water somehow get "locked up"? I ask because I've been experimenting with rye recipes, and I set out to make a rye bread with 25% whole rye at 65% hydration. I soaked the rye in all the water. When I came to incorporate the rest of the flour the dough was very, very dry. It barely came together, and by the time I realized how dry it was going to be it was almost impossible to add more water.

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End of the week,  my family who has been away from me for a week are coming back.  That's also an excuse for me to bake for them again.  I wanted to do something that they like,  and for a change,  a sweet dough recipe is good.  Inspiration from Home Happy Baking - a fantastic baker,  with beautiful pics and blogs,  I made these heart shaped tuna buns and blue berry buns.


With the weather turning really warm,  I do save time in proofing,  but my hands have to work really fast. Check out my post - My full post is here.  





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