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frozen dough

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Rising potential of long time frozen dough

August 9, 2011 - 6:07am -- hanseata

Rummaging through my basement refrigerator, I rediscovered a ziplock bag of whole grain pita dough pieces (my variation of P.R.'s recipe in WGB). I had frozen those 9 months ago (after bulk fermenting and shaping them into balls), wrapped separately in plastic. They were covered with some snow, and their surface looked darker.

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Greetings and a Baguette story

July 31, 2010 - 6:32am -- kazd

Hello all from Perth, Western Australia. Its currently late winter (but we had a balmy 21C here today, that's shortsleeves weather, not sure what is going on, but my bread rose beautifully :-)

I started my recent bread baking fun by visiting my favourite butcher (yes, butcher!) and what do I find in the back of his freezer? A frozen baguette, imported from France, parbaked I presume, with a label "180C for 10 minutes"). Brilliant.

Bought it, cooked it, died and went to heaven.

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Using the freezer as a workflow solution

July 16, 2010 - 3:42pm -- Urchina

More as an academic exercise than anything else, a friend and I are developing a product line for an as-yet unrealized bed and breakfast and small coffeeshop / bakery. 


One of the tips I picked up from a previous career inspecting restaurants and bakeries was to make large batches of cookie dough, portion and freeze it, then bake off as needed. 


I'm wondering if any of you in the professional realm do this as a routine matter of course, to assist with workflow in the bakery, and how it turns out? 


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Refrigerated Dough - 5 minutes fresh baked bread recipe

March 9, 2010 - 9:41pm -- jennyloh

Have anyone tried the recipe for the 5 mintues fresh baked bread - master boule recipe?  I have 1/2 of the quantity in the refrigerator,  and although the recipe said I can keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, I'm not too sure if I can really keep that long.  I've used about 1/2 of it, baking 2 times,  both turned out really good.  I have not refresh it at all. This is the 4th day,  I just want to know if it is alright to continue keeping in my fridge and just take it out and use it.  Should I perhaps freeze it?

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I have a question on the use of old dough.  I read somewhere that we can freeze old dough,  which I did to mine, probably about 14 days old. Now I'm taking out to use to try out on my Polaine de Champagne again. 

I took out from my freezer and refridgerator to defrost, not counter top. It looks like the yeast is still active.  Am I doing this right? should I have just defrost it within a short period and use it?  The colour and smell still stays good.

I saw a discussion on refreshing the old dough.  Can I just use it as it is,  throw and mix into my dough or I should at least refresh it first?

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