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Freezing buttermilk biscuits and baking later?

December 29, 2012 - 7:45am -- kahvecc

So I have a pretty good buttermilk biscuit recipe, nice and light, rises nicely, great flavor. I was hoping I'd be able to freeze the biscuits and then pop them in the oven and bake them on demand, but for some reason when I attempt to bake them after I freeze them, they don't rise as when I bake them fresh. I am using the following recipe:

6 cups AP Flour

1.5 tsp baking soda

4 tbsp double acting baking powder

.5 lb butter, frozen

3 cups buttermilk

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June 1, 2012 - 1:16am -- moonshine

Anyone has experience with half baked frozen dough ? What do I mean ? can I half bake my ...let's say baguette, then freeze it. When wanting to eat, just pop into the oven to finish the bake.  I see them in the supermarket, so it should be possible... Question is, WHEN to stop the bake...





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long-frozen starter

July 18, 2010 - 9:28am -- Mason

Last night I took a loaf of my whole grain sourdough to a get-together.  There a friend told me that his mother still has a piece of his deceased grandmother's sourdough in the freezer, and can't bear to discard it.  He's possibly interested inreviving it.  He asked me for advice about how to do so.

It could have been in the freezer as long as a decade, though.  That's a long time.

If it's possible to revive a starter after this long a freezing, what would be the best method?

I presume it would be best to cut off a small piece (like 1 oz) and feed that.  

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Reviving my frozen starter

May 18, 2007 - 2:19pm -- kjknits

I seem to go through spurts of feverish obsession with things. Knitting, sewing, bread baking. Actually it goes in cycles, because I always come back to those things, even if it has been so long that you'd assume I had lost interest. Of course, right now I'm all about the bread baking again (even though I always bake bread, the rustic type hasn't been in the forefront lately--till now). After hanging around these boards for a while, I decided I should really get my old frozen sourdough starter out and try baking with it again.

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