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OK to store egg wash (1 whole egg mixed with 1 tsp of water) in fridge for 2 days

April 6, 2009 - 4:20pm -- ques2008

I googled my question but I'm not getting the answer I'm looking for.  Must be the way I phrased my question.  But here's my question:  i love the egg wash effect on breads but I find I'm wasting too many eggs.  I know I can freeze egg white but for how long?

Also, can I store the egg wash I used tonite in the fridge for use again tomorrow or the next day?  Is it safe to use egg wash twice, bacteria-wise?

And how long can egg whites be stored in the freezer?  I know we can't freeze egg yolk.

Anyone with advice?

Many thanks.

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How to retard using my fridge?

September 20, 2007 - 9:43pm -- aladenzo

Hello everyone... I haven't done this before but I'm actually planning to mix some dough in the evening, shaping it into small buns, and retarding it in my fridge. My question is, how long should the dough be retarded for... and could I actually put these buns straight from my fridge to my proofer....  or should it stay first at room temperature before proofing... OR .... does it go straight to my oven? And how about the temperature of my fridge? Sorry for all these questions... thank you!!!


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