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french bread

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If French Bread Is So Good, Why...

April 1, 2007 - 9:16am -- Cliff Johnston

If French bread is so good why don't we see more of it in the U.S.?  I've read so many articles praising the quality of French bread and even more from frustrated bakers who can't come close to duplicating it.  It wouldn't take much to obtain some French wheat grain, bring it to North America and grow it.  I think that I've found one answer as to why this hasn't happened.  It's not that their flour is so much better.  It's that the French flour is so much worse, or to put it in less inflammatory words, French flour has less protein.  North American ba

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February 25, 2007 - 2:41pm -- Willard Onellion

Good grief! I suppose it is just my inexperience, but after all these years of following the cant of my 14 books on baking, reading all the thoughts, advice, even nasty comments here, I find a loaf that is good for me.

I have sought, as some others have stated they have on here, a French Bread that tasted like the old New Orleans French Bread I was raised on. I could get a good, thin, crispy crust, but the taste and crumb always seemed either too dense, to holey and the taste seemed to miss . . . the ultimate po' boy French Bread seemed to be in the past.

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After reading the recipe in "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" I finally got decent baguettes to come out of my oven. They even crackled as they were cooling! However, I sprayed the light bulb in my oven with water by mistake during the steaming phase, and it went "boom!" But it was worth it to finally get some success with this French bread.


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