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Would you believe it? France too succumbs.

"The decline of French bread over the past few decades is one of the saddest aspects of the ransom paid to progress, and much of the blame must simply go to good old greed."

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Has anyone here come across the French wheat varieties known as Touselle or Touzelle? (I did search first.) Louis XI, gravely ill, thought that only bread made from Touzelle could restore him to health.

I ask because a friend has written about the rediscovery of these varieties, and wondered if anyone had access to the article L'homme qui plantait des blés by Isabelle FAURE in Nature & Progres No. 59 (Sep/Oct 2006).



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Bonjour et merci!

September 17, 2008 - 4:11am -- Cendrillon

Hello there

I am a slightly obsessed bread fanatic based in Central France, where the only baker in the village sells a vile industrial range of breads. As a result, I have rediscovered bread-making at home and throughly enjoy trying out new methods and recipes.

I have been lurking for a long while and wanted to thanks you all for the immense pleasure I take in reading your posts, tips and suggestions on all things bread.

Cendrillon / Cinderella


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