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BBGA Format: Fonts, Typefaces & Colours

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The Bread Baker's Guild of America has a recommended format for publishing bread formulas.

You can find it here.

I'll post later on more functional aspects of the format.

For now, design details like fonts, font sizes, colours (because no one cares if the calculations are wrong if it looks pretty, right?).

COLORS (click image for larger size)

FONTS (click image for larger size)


1. I packaged all of the above images in one ZIP file. Download it here.

2. I packaged all of the fonts and then some into one ZIP file. Download it here. Note. Someone somewhere might own these fonts and, thus, want money from you for their commercial use. I'll leave that purchase to you. You have the font names. Buying them is a Google search and a credit card away.

UPDATE 27 APR 2012: While the Futura font is very close to the one used by the BBGA, I think it might actually be a font called Prelo. I'll let you decide, as they're very similar fonts.

3. Here's a spreadsheet that uses all of this information. It won't look like much until you have the fonts installed, but the colours should be intact and the formulas correct: Download it here.

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