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first blog

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I only joined this site yesterday so I'm still finding my way around.. I did find info and videos about stretch and fold very interesting.

I made some white bread today, just simple white bread flour, yeast, olive oil, a little salt, sugar and milk/water recipe. No measurements, just eyeballed everything.

I used the stretch and fold method of kneading for the first time to see what difference it would make. (by the way I usually have a wettish dough rather than a stiff dough, easier to work and softer bread which hubby and father in law like.)

I found the stretch and fold much easier and the bread rose beautifully, nice and steady...

I made two medium sized loaves and a french stick.

They both loved the bread, the texture was perfect. Nice and soft inside, no BIG holes, as I said, they loved it. So, success so far and only one small change done.

I plan on learning much more about the different types of bread, the different methods such as sourdough, and also we're building an earth oven this year so I'll be learning to bake bread and other baked goods in that oven too.


It's going to be very interesting learning here.



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