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Baking Bread In Pans Over Open Fire Or In Fireplace?

July 30, 2010 - 10:06pm -- RachelJ

Hola! It's me again... I have a couple more things to ask.

Has anyone ever made bread in a fireplace? Like in pans? Or maybe they did it over an open fire?

I've still no oven, no grill, and no toaster oven either. :( I'm outta luck here, people, and I'm stuck with flatbreads, so if anyone has anything, PLEASE let me know! :)

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Your opinions on the ultimate baker's oven please. My lemon must be replaced!

July 28, 2009 - 1:37pm -- jeromethegiraffe

Hello everyone!


I have had it with my Whirlpool self-cleaning convection oven.


I bought it two years ago for the sum of $1,500 plus tax - Not cheap. And yet, it has been problem-plagued ever since.


The trouble began when I started baking bread using the convection feature. The control panel would freeze up and not respond at the end of baking. It had a "touch-sensitive" glass panel, and no matter what I did, it would not turn off.

Fortunately, I purchased a five-year warranty with the appliance.

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