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Best way to bake and steam with a Fibrament stone...?

February 13, 2011 - 9:30am -- MNBäcker

A couple of questions:

I have a Fibrament stone in my oven that maybe leaves an inch or inch and a half around the edges from the oven wall. I always use convection heat, since I thought it might be best to move the hot air around in the oven, but now I wonder if that's still a good idea, with the airflow severely restricted by the stone? I have also noticed a couple of hot spots in the back center of the oven, close to the spot where the convection fan is located.

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New Stone Experiment


I got a new 15x20' FibraMent stone, but Sunday was my first chance to temper/predry it. After slowly getting it up to 550 over 7 hours, I knew I'd want to bake something on it, so I made three slightly different loaves. I set up a poolish the day before, then split that into three doughs - 1 with no oil, 1 with a tbsp of butter, and 1 with a tbsp of olive oil (in that order in the picture).  I shaped them different so I'll know which is which.

My slashing wasn't quite deep enough, but they all taste great.

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Better heat transfer

November 26, 2007 - 7:31am -- staff of life

I am having problems with even heat in my oven.  The loaves baked on the top rack pop up just fine, but the loaves on the lower rack tend to spread out a bit rather than springing upward.  The difference is easily noticeable.  I use stones, but I'm thinking that's not enough.  I've been looking at the HearthKit, and Fibrament stones, and also at someone's homemade HearthKit (tiles lining the oven walls in addition to baking stones).  I've also thought about convection, but to get even heat, I'm thinking I'd have to turn on the convection at the beginning of

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