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Effects of Sugar and Fat on Fermentation

October 30, 2011 - 1:27pm -- bshuval

Hi all, 

I am wondering why so many people erroneously assume that (a) fat inhibits fermentation, and (b) sugar increases fermentation. 

When I tell people that sugar (in concentrations above 10-12%) inhibits fermentation because of its hygroscopic properties, they look at me funny and dismiss it (although perhaps the word "hygroscopic" is the cause for that funny look). Their logic is always: "yeast loves sugar. More sugar = happier yeast. Happier yeast = faster fermentation". 

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Fat in Sourdough

March 25, 2011 - 9:16am -- BadRabbit

I have a sourdough recipe that I really like but it doesn't contain any fat. I would like to add enough to extend the life of the bread but not change all the characteristics too much.

What is the typical baker's % range for fats in sourdough?

What other changes will the addition of fat cause?

Will different fats react differently (i.e shortening vs oil vs butter)?

Do I count the fats as part of hydration (i.e. does it affect the amount of water I should use in the recipe)?

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