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falls in oven

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I am new to your site.  Hope you can solve a decades old problem with this recipe.  I love the taste of the bread but it falls every time, so much I call it 'smiling bread' because of the sunken center. Looking at your other entries I suspect this recipe lacks moisture.  All my measurements are volumetric so I only partly relate to the weight proportions you recommend. I have no problems with my other bread recipes.

2 pkg dry yeast, 2 C water,  1/2 C molasses,  4 egg yolks,  1/2 C veg oil

2 1/2 tsp salt,  1 C milk solids,  1/2 rolled oats,  1/2 C yellow corn meal,  1/2 C wheat germ,  1 C rye flour,  2 C whole wheat flour,  3 cups all purpose flour                                                                                                                                                                              Proof yeast in water, add molasses, eggs and oil.  Beat in salt, milk solids, oast, meal and wheat germ.   Hand mix in the 3 flours.  Yes this is a very dry dough. 

How much more liquid should I add? How much kneeding?






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