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Why I don't bake when my kids are home

January 26, 2008 - 8:27am -- pumpkinpapa

I made two lovely sprouted grain breads recently in the evening, unusuall because I normally bake in the middle of the day. And now I know why I don't bake in the evening too.

I have 3 kids running about in another room adjacent to the kitchen yelling and screaming and doing what they love to do when winding down from school when I put 2 nicely risen loaves in the oven. They were both about 4 inches high and promptly fell to 1 inch high.

They still taste fine, just a wee bit dense though, so I'll make some in the afternoon this week instead :)

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Why did my dough fall? NYT no knead

June 4, 2007 - 3:24pm -- KipperCat

Hi.  I'm a new member of the forum, though I've read a lot here just recently.  I haven't baked bread in years, and then it was mostly in a bread machine.  But this no-knead bread is so easy it's become a habit.  It's also very good!  I'm still working on a good whole wheat version.  Today's dough is half AP and half WW flours.  The only recipe changes are adding 1.5 Tbsp gluten and  more water.

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