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failing rise

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I have attempted making sourdough bread three times in the last week and a half.  The first time, the starter failed, due to tap water and temperature.  The latter starters I have made I used both rye flour and un-bleached AP flour separately.  They rose and responded like gang busters!  I fed them and they grew very well.  Three times I have mixed the pre ferment and it did poorly the first time ( I think from temperature).  The second time, I got through the pre ferment and tried to raise the total mixed dough.  It sat in a warm spot for 10 hours and did nothing and I set it on a pan of warm water and it took off, but then wouldn't get the second proof or rise.  The third time, Everything went well until the final proof and I am still waiting on the rise and to avoid cooking the dough, I am setting it on a thermostatically controlled heating pad.  What am I doing wrong??? 

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