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european breads

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Just a little bit to let you know

October 15, 2009 - 7:32pm -- Laddavan


My husband German I'm Thai. My family eat European bread for breakfast, I have to drive 40 min. or 1 hour to get those bread and buy them a lot to storage in our freezer so we have breads to eat for hole month.

In Thailand not many people eat bread. So, very few good bread (the way we like) in the market. Now, I wanted to make my own bread, and I had problem to make Baguettes and souredough, I guess may be I didn't get the right flour. I still keep on trying, sometime doesn't work out good sometime it workout.

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Swiss bread recipes

April 28, 2008 - 2:44am -- Windischgirl

Hi: As I mentioned in a post last week, it was that trip to Switzerland with my family that sent me over the edge...I am now baking several days a week.

My middle child (it figures!) is a culinary snob and would like me to replicate some of the breads we had in Switzerland.  Attempts to pass off Leader's "Silesian Light Rye" as something from Basel have only been marginally successful (altho it was a delicious loaf, nonetheless).

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