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Quantity of whole grain dough in Electrolux MagicMill/Assistent mixer

July 24, 2012 - 6:54pm -- Jmallan

Hello, I have been lurking in this forum for ages - so much great information!

I possibly should have posted this in the equipment forum, but thought I would start here. I am seriously considering getting an Electrolux Assistent mixer because I want to do larger quantities of dough than my  KitchenAid can handle. I am curious if anyone has used the Electrolux for bread using home milled flour and if you have a feel for the quantities it could process. I'm hoping to do up to 2 kg of dough at 80-100% hydration.  


Thanks for your help!

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What would best serve us? Bosch or DLX?

December 26, 2011 - 1:25pm -- shastaflour

I know this is a question that has been bouncing around countless times on countless boards (because I've read A LOT of postings), but I'm still stumped -- and have to make a decision fast because of a very sweet thing my husband did.

For a little background, I've been baking our bread for almost a year now, after receiving (and being inspired by) a beautiful whole wheat loaf from a neighbor who owns a Bosch. We've been using a Zojirushi to do the hard work, though I take the dough out for its last rise and finish it in the oven.

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Low hydration dough on the Electrolux Assistan Original

October 5, 2011 - 7:47am -- flyingbaker

We just got the Electrolux Assistant Original and I've already started using it for some standard breads and it works great. However I'm having a little trouble with low hydration dough's for bagels.

I'm not using large mases of flour (around 900g only) so using the dough hook doesn't seem to be appropriate. However when trying to add more flour when the dough starts to pull away from the side seems to just cause it to mass up and cause it to not mix/knead properly. Is there a trick to adding more flour to an already dry dough?

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DLX Friction factor

May 8, 2011 - 11:49am -- Emelye

I took delivery of my new Electrolux Assistent N28 a few weeks ago and have been happily climbing the learning curve associated with it.  One of the things I've been trying to determine is the friction factor of the machine so I can more accurately predict my final dough temperature after the kneading has been completed.

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Decision Made: Electrolux N22 'Royal'

September 25, 2010 - 11:48pm -- breadman_nz

After visiting my brother, who makes a 1-2 loaves of delicious sourdough daily, I decided to expand my fresh pasta and pizza dough making to include breads. Hand kneading a 6-cup pizza dough and pasta for 10-13 minutes, gets tiring (although I'm sure the exercise is good for me!). So in deciding to expand into breads, I also decided a machine was 'kneaded'.


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I took the plunge and bought the Magic Mill DLX!

July 18, 2010 - 8:27am -- BellesAZ

I'm really excited for my new Magic Mill Assistent to arrive next week!  I've been researching mixers for a few months now, trying to make the right decision for my kitchen.  I looked at so many mixers, but for some reason I just kept coming back to this one.

I can't wait to finally start branching out and making some other doughs that are currently impossible to do in my KA Pro.  I made a French Baguette dough a couple of weeks ago and my machine just overheated and shut itself off.  I knew I needed to upgrade.


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