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elastic texture

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Question about bread flavor/texture

August 14, 2009 - 8:38am -- madzilla

Greetings my fellow loafers ;-)

I have been struggling with my white sandwich bread recipes lately.  I have tried SO many different combinations in my recipes (bread flour, regular flour, vegetable oil, butter, crisco butter flavored, crisco regular, wheat gluten, dough enhancer, organic brown sugar, and the list goes on).

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"Stretch Bread" -- Anyone ever heard of it?

September 30, 2007 - 10:12am -- HeyLaurel

There is a bakery in my area (Syracuse, New York) that makes the most delicious and unusual bread as their signature item.  They call it "Stretch Bread," and it is a ciabatta-like loaf (although longer and not quite as wide), with very large holes throughout the loaf.  The crust is slightly crisp, but iif you pull off a piece rather than cut it, it stretches before it tears.  The inside of the loaf is very elastic, not crumbly at all (unless you let it sit out for a day) and the upper crust is bumpy, evidence of the large air bubbles directly under the crust in the dough i

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