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egg glaze

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Frequent Flyer

....or my "tinkered with" version.  I love Eric's bread but needed to refrigerate the dough for time sake and chose to do that after shaping.  I shaped two loaves (used 1/2 recipe), placed in a couche, covered with oil sprayed plastic and refrigerated immediately.  The next morning I removed the loaves, placed on the counter while the oven preheated (about 30 to 45 minutes) and baked on a stone with steam for 12 minutes.  I rotated the loaves, and baked (I guess) another 30 minutes at 375F.  

Other variations were molasses vs sugar (about the same weight) and an egg glaze.  I've not got the cornstarch glaze method working right now.


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Egg Wash

November 17, 2008 - 4:44pm -- Eli

I have been getting bubbles on the surface of my challah breads. Is this due to my beating the egg wash and incorporating too much air? I had this brought to my attention today and not sure if you can see the bubbles on my Blog here under Baking Day. I hadn't even realized it until someone asked what is causing them.


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