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Drying sprouted grains

February 18, 2013 - 8:41am -- Lörren



I have an electric oven and not a gas oven. Would it be possible to dry sprouted grains in an electric oven? Maybe if I have the oven on its lowest temp, which is about 50 Celsius, with the door slightly open? How long would that approximately take?

Will the enzymes start to spoil at about 104 fahrenheit, or how high can I go?

Has anyone tried this?

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Drying starter

February 10, 2013 - 4:17am -- neilbaldwyn



After some recent issues with my starter I'm looking to dry some as a back up. I'm going for drying it out on parchment paper, but wondered when is best to dry? I'm assuming that once the starter has reached its peak after feeding would be best but just wondered what other peoples experiences were?





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As part of my preparation to move from South Africa back to the United States, I dried my sourdough starter using two different techniques.  The first was to simply smear a thin layer of batter-consistency starter across some parchment paper and allow it to dry at room temperature.  The second was to mix flour into some starter until it was reduced to crumbs.  I found that a mezzalune was very helpful in the latter stages of incorporating the flour by allowing me to chop the progressively stiffening starter into smaller and smaller pieces while blending in more flour.

The finished product, two bags of crumbed starter and three bags of flaked starter:

That gives me one packet per suitcase.  Each will be appropriately labeled.  Hopefully, at least one and maybe all will arrive home with me. 

I'm interested to start rehydrating a bit of each to see which one comes back to fighting trim more quickly.  I'll post follow-ups when I can.


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Dried starter travel travails

December 25, 2010 - 7:38pm -- pmccool

Since I need to break in a friend's new laptop, I might as well post something here.

Before leaving South Africa to visit family in the States, I dried some of my starter so that I could transport it easily and bake some sourdough breads for family members.  The drying part went okay.  Everything else, not so well.

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