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Low GI/diabetic friendly

February 26, 2011 - 1:18pm -- gwenni

Morning all. 

as a diabetic there are many breads that put my spike my sugar levels through the roof. Something that most diabetics have but try to avoid. 

I've worked out that rye bread, made with white and dark rye flours, doesnt spike my levels, I add a heap of grains and seeds to it to help make it low GI as well.. was wondering though if others have had some luck with other flours?

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Glycemic Load Testing or, the case for Sourdough

August 7, 2009 - 7:21pm -- ehanner

I have done some amount of research on the subject of how Sourdough breads affect persons with Diabetes. As a person afflicted by this disease, I take it seriously and while I'm not a very good follower of my Dr's orders, I do make efforts in certain areas to control my sugar levels. My own experience was that my blood sugar went and stayed down when I ate breads risen with a natural yeast. That isn't to say the same will happen to you but I wouldn't bet against it.

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ed minturn

Does anyone have any thoughts on a diabetic wanting to bake bread, pizzas, etc. Are there special recipes or perhaps limits to what one eats or just now do at all. Thanks for any thougths.    ed

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