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Denver, CO

December 14, 2012 - 2:02pm -- tjbrumme

Hello from Denver. Any other denver home bakers here on the forum? I'm curious if anyone has a good flour source in the area. There is a new micr0-grocer, The Clever Turnip, based out of Black Eye Coffee Shop (new shop in the highlands.) They currently have a couple products from Heartland Mills (barley, malted AP) so I asked them if they could bring in the strong bread flour. If they do I'll post here so you can get it also and support this shop.

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Rye flour in the Denver area

April 2, 2012 - 8:23pm -- CuriousLoafer

Hey there, fellow Mile-High Bakers!

I have a lot of trouble acquiring rye flour. I can usually only find the little BRM packets. But I recently discovered that the Albertson's on Broadway and Alameda carries rye flour in 5lb bags.  Waaay better than the little packets!

Does anybody else know where to get a relatively large volume of rye flour in this area? I've tried WholeFoods, Sunflower, and every KingSooper's and Safeway in my travel radius with no luck. I get my regular AP, WW, and bread flours from Bay State Milling in Platteville, but they don't carry rye.

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