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deck oven

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Oven spring in professional deck oven

February 26, 2013 - 9:54am -- Liverpoolbaker

I've just recently started doing some baking in a professional deck oven, its a mono oven 4 years old with a steam system. I was quite excited about baking in it, as I've only every really used my old domestic gas oven at home. My basic white sourdough (800g of dough, 75% hydration, 4 hours bulk ferment, 12+ hours cold prove in banetons), is something I get consisten results with when baking at home using the dutch oven. I always get good oven spring and great looking blooms. 

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Deck Oven Choices

January 17, 2013 - 1:11pm -- t-man

hi, all... i'm about to begin a new adventure.  i'm a geologist by trade- worked in the environmental industry for years.  but i'm half italian, and i grew up learning how to cook and bake from my grandma and her sisters.  i recently quit my geology job and went to a culinary school in rome for 3 months to learn how to make pizza al taglio, among other styles (wood fired, alla pala, tonda, etc.).  a location has come up that i need to jump on, so i'm looking for some advice on setting up a bakery.  this post is concerend with ovens and associated equipment.

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Anvil deck oven for small home bakery business

April 2, 2012 - 3:22am -- littlelisa

Has anyone used an Anvil deck oven for baking artisan bread? Can anyone give any advice about this oven?

I would like to start a small home bakery - one bake day per week, selling bread into my local neighbourhood. So I wouldn't be making enormous volumes. The advantage is that it seems to be something I could fit into my home and work off single-phase power. Any advice about this oven?



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