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Date Bread

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This is my second take at Golden date bread, the recipe found in Laurel’s Wholegrain baking book.  As I did in my previous post here, I have added a poolish to the formula to increase the extensibility of this dough, and improve flavor.

This time, however, i reduced the date puree to 50% of the original formula, as I found it to be on the sweet side, and increased the final dough water by 50 grams to compensate.

Admiring fellow TFL baker’s loaf shaping skills, like Janet and Breadsong, and Txfarmer, I tried shaping rolls in a pan myself. I’am impressed with the results.

Added by edit: It is note worthy to say that i have heeded Andy's advice of autolysing the flour and water first , and avoid adding the Dates puree at the beginning as they tend to compete with flour for water. I did that but i autolysed everything except the puree for 30 minutes. It worked! thanks Andy.

The bread was soft, light, yet wholesome. It was not sweet, but has a hint of dates flavor. The crust was soft too.

This bread is best eaten alone, and needs no accompaniment. Top Notch!

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As i browsed through Laurel's Cookbook for Wholegrain Breads, i came across a recipe that utilizes Dates! and i live in a region where Dates in most forms are abundant all year round. The recipe calls for Pitted dates, that must be simmered first, and the resultant cooled goo is to be added to the dough. I had some date paste (used for confectionary, and pastry), and used it instead, so its not technically Golden Date Bread. I also added poolish to the recipe, and adjusted the formula accordingly. This bread, is a 100% Whole Wheat enriched bread, that is leavened by commercial yeast.




The Dough was quite thirsty, due to all the fiber, and was mixed longer for proper development.


The dough received two deflations, prior to preshaping. Final proofing was tricky, as i had

Pointers to the final fermentation time. Seems i underproofed slightly.


Today morning, i've had a few slices for breakfast. WOW! the first morsel struck me with its date-sweetness. The sweetness is very pleasent, and dates really lend a well bodied flavor. The bread is packed with fiber, from both wheat and dates. No bitterness of wholewheat was evident. The crumb is smooth and soft, not dense, and the crust is tender.

Very Recommended.

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