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croissant recipe

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Hi Everybody,

It's about eight weeks since I posted my easy white bread recipe - thanks for all your help and suggestions with that!!!  I put your link on Squidoo saying how great you are and people have been clicking out so I hope you got some new members?!

I've now, after holding off for about twenty years!!! (and eight weeks) had a couple of goes at croissants and been delighted with the result.  I got the confidence after making so much ordinary bread - and when I paid an extortionate amount for a croissant at 4am at an airport when I missed my flight!!

However... even though I've read loads and tried to incorporate everything in my recipe - and they taste heavenly!!  I'm sure there are things you could improve!  So if any of you guys (and gals!) could have a look and give me some tips that would be awsome!!!

My aim is to help people save money and reconnect with their food - if you've made it you know what's in it!

Here's the link: Homemade Bread: Croissant Recipe.

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