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couronne bordelaise

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by George, I think I've got it!

I find it difficult to follow a recipe whitout making a few small modification, even though I don't intend to in the beginning. This time i've increased the whole-wheat and rye flour quantity given in the formula (by ~10%), decreased the amount of bread flour, which in consequence made me increase the quantity of water.  I'm pleased with the result, even if the couronne didn't expand as much as I would of wanted (I suspect it was a bit underproofed, and maybe a little underbaked??). I tried to slice the loaf after 3 hours, but it was still a bit warm in the middle, so I gave up and decided to wait until tomorrow. The crust is thick, and it shattered in pieces under the knife when I cut it.

I don't know about others, but since I bought hamelman book, my breads improved a lot. (I started baking bread about 2 years ago, having my starter since then, and I purchase hamelman's "bread" a month ago)

Recipe in romanian can be found here, translation available on the sidebar:


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I love dramatic breads!

February 7, 2011 - 12:59pm -- freerk

Loved making the couronne bordelaise. Thank you Susan (susanfnp) for the very nice  "norwich sourdough". I'm still finding out the tweaks for European flour (I need to firm up the dough a little more), but it's a very nice dough to work with already! Also I need to give my starter a little more time, I was impatient :-)



and here a view of the crust


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