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wondering if anyone can tell me how to convert nancy silverton starter to 100% starter?

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Converting Yeast Measurements to Sourdough

April 26, 2008 - 7:26am -- CountryBoy

Are there any standards to follow for using sourdough starter to replace instant yeast?  Like maybe 3 tablespoons of sourdough for 1 pkt of yeast?

The following RL Beranbaum recipe for white bread has been expanded by me for 3-4 loaves but I want to use my own sourdough that I am growing.


The recipe:

During the first day 
The Starter
6…Cups of wrist-temp water
1 ½….  tsp active dry yeast
6  ……Cups of All Purpose flour
Allow to set for 2 hours, refrigerate
During the second day

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Converting a recipe that uses Instant yeast to a sourdough starter recipe

January 22, 2008 - 7:18pm -- BrotBoy

Can anyone tell me... Is there a simple approach to convert  a recipe that uses commerical yeast to a sourdough starter , I have been very happy with the sourdough starter that i am using  and now want to convert more recipes to this style of bread making,

  Looking forward to some ideas



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