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Clean Up

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Homemade Dough Clean up Tool

February 10, 2009 - 3:37pm -- xaipete

I usually use bags that onions, etc., come in to remove dough from bowls and utensils, but it seems like I never have enough of these bags when I'm baking a lot. Yesterday I bought one of these nylon bath scrubbers at the local market for 89 cents and cut it open at the knot. It yielded a whole big tube of netting perfect for scrubbing off gummy dough and starter.


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Clean Up

April 23, 2007 - 1:43pm -- CountryBoy

I have only been baking bread on a weekly basis for 5 months.  During that time I have made 2 major discoveries: 1) that a major portion of the bread making process involves the cleanup of doing same and that 2) no one ever discusses this aspect.  Do you folks know things that I don't?  Is there a way to make the cleanup, simpler faster?  I use a  wooden board to knead the dough on, but I guess I should use something else like marble to make cleanup easier.  There have to be simpler, faster, easier ways to clean up but I ain't got no idea of what they are.  Please advise........

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