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cinnamon rolls zolablue

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Is there really any benefit to baking cinnamon rolls close together?

January 6, 2012 - 5:43am -- Anonymous baker (not verified)

I made Zolablue's cinnamon rolls, or a heavily modified version thereof, this morning.

The original calls for 25-30 minutes @ 375 F. Mine were still raw at 30, so I baked them for 40. They were still raw-ish (but edible) at 40, but the tops would burn if I let them bake any longer, so I took them out.

I know the reason they didn't bake through: the space I left between then (~1") pre-proofing went to 0" by the time they were fully proofed. Once oven spring kicked in, it was squish city. No room for them to expand.

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