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cheese sandwich

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Isand66 will love my 3 backpacking alcohol stoves that I made from beer cans.  They weigh virtually nothing and will each boil 2 cups of water in 6 minutes.  Then there is this weeks benetton find for 50 cents this time.  Next would e a very nice lunch with YW chai seed orange turmeric bread.  Today's new batch if aranchello.  Part of this weeks batch of marmalade, strawberry ginger apple jam and caramelized minneola marmalade.  Two mini BBQ / smokers made from tin cans and tea tins.  A nice  vegetarian lunch of failed hamburger buns made originally as a kaiser roll (that were too soft and disintegrated as hamburger buns) that were resurrected as a grilled pepperjack cheese sandwich, bean dip, chips, salad and little melon.  Even rejected failures can usually be used for something else like croutons, altus, bread crumbs.....

How do you like the pictures my newer, if still old, Sony webbie Video camera takes?

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