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celebration bread

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I think my Easter Doves came out a bit...... nazi germany eagle :-/


What do you think;


Would putting a green twig in their beak bring it back to the coming festivities?


Thanks txfarmer for the insightful pics!


recipe and shaping pics by txfarmer can be found here


I haven't been on TFL for some time, but HAVE been baking. Take a look at my "baking gallery"


warm greetings from Amsterdam





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Savarin recipe? or 'Celebration Bread'?

April 2, 2010 - 12:33pm -- tabasco


I would like to bake a Savarin for desert on Easter but I don't know of a dependable recipe.  Can anyone point me toward one?   I would also like to know if I can bake this bread-like cake the night before serving it or is it best baked the day of serving?  I intend to soak it in some kind of sugar syrup and serving it with berries and cream chantilly.

Or would I be better off baking a Baba au rhum or one of Peter Reinhart's 'Celebration Breads'?

(I haven't had a Savarin in 30 years and I can't really remember what they taste like~~but it sounds special!)

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Hello from Switzerland / Celebration Bread and Zopf

July 28, 2009 - 11:00am -- chouette22

Hello everyone,

I thought it’s about time to introduce myself. I have been a very silent member of TFL for over a year and reading pretty much ALL the forum entries through my RSS feeder. I enjoy all of your entries and discussions tremendously, this wealth of information and knowledge and have become so familiar with the regular members’ creations and variations. I am so impressed!

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