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3 qt bowl for Hobart C-100 10 qt

November 8, 2010 - 9:04pm -- SurebetVA

I have 3 small bowls for the 10 quart Hobart C-100 or C-100T mixer (Old Style).  These are the bowls that fit the 3 quart adapter that went with the earlier 10 quart Hobart's C-100 model.  I also have one 3 quart adapter.  I recently purchased an old C-100 mixer that came with the 3 quart adapter and the 3 bowls but I do not have the 3 quart attachments required that go with this 10 quart mixer.  Looks to be about 40 years old would be my guess.  Heavy Stainless Steel bowls just like the 10 Quart bowl but smaller.

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