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n00b Kitchenaid spiral dough hook question

January 16, 2011 - 8:39am -- zwaaa

I have a 5 qt Kitcchenaid "Professional HD" lift bowl (the one you get from Sam's Club, not the standard 5 qt lift mixer).

My wife ran the aluminum plated spiral dough hook through the washing machine before I could tell her that the instructions said not to do this. Of course all the silver plating is gone.

Is this bad? Is it "You need to get a new dough hook" bad? Is it "you should stop using that dough hook before you gradually get posioned and die" bad? Are there any aftermarket spiral dough hooks that I shoudl consider?


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Patti McD

I am brand new to this site. Growing up, my mother used to bake bread once a week and it was wonderful! I want to start baking my own bread from scratch. I currently have and use a bread machine with prepackaged yeast and flour to put into the machine. But where do I go to purchase good wheat in quantity? What kind of a grinder is best? Do you use elecrtric mixers? I'm interested in trying to bake from scratch, and supplementing my baking with my bread machine. Any tips would be appreciated. I live in Montana. Thank You.

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