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My Little Easter Rye Breads

April 4, 2009 - 6:17pm -- niagaragirl

Here are a couple of pics of the quick little rye breads I'll be doing for Easter. It is an old Polish tradition here that we take food in a basket to the church on Saturday to have it blessed by the priest for Easter Sunday breakfast. These will fit nicely into the baskets. And yes, the church will smell like kielbasa when the blessings are done. Sometimes the smellls lingers in the church till Easter morning ;-)


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Hi from Chicago -- new baking-school student

March 24, 2009 - 8:03am -- flour-girl

Hi --

I'm a former newspaper reporter who has decided to go to culinary school to study bread baking.

Classes don't start for a few weeks, but I've started a blog chronicling my adventures.

I'd love you to check it out at

Let me know what you think!


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I've never made bread dough and always thought it required a special gift to make. After hours of browsing, I finally found this great website and decided to give a try. Lesson 1 gave me the basics about the ingradients. That made me jump straight to lesson 2 to officially break the ice.

This is the rising dough :

Rising dough

The result was great!

As you can see, the bread was very yummy :)

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My first loaf

There it is my very first loaf of bread, honey whole wheat. It went pretty well, I had my first sandwich today. Boy was it good, so much better then store bought. I'm making another loaf tonight...I just couldn't wait. I'm make a different version of the honey whole wheat. I'll let you know how it goes.

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hi ...i'm here because... i'm just in the beginning

this is my first loaf

 i try it from the lesson one

 is it nice ...???







 befor i try to bake the rosca de reyes  

 see that;s full of dates... yammy




hello again

this  is my second bread

  the recipe from lesson two

 see that

 i  found it better and more delicious than the first one

  and you what your advice to me ???????





 this is my daily bread

 and that is for to  day i made it by my own  sourdough



 i'm very happy

 because the sourdough finally become good

 it was so difficult


 i do it





 hello again


 here is my favorite daily bread by my  starter >>>>>>>




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