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Errata sheet for: Bread A Bakers Book of Techniques and Recipes - yes... the changes are in the most current edition.

February 11, 2012 - 7:07pm -- dolcebaker

This was dowloaded from and provided by Mr. Hamelman. Seems to have lost the formatting, but it seems to be all here.

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350 ml burgonya főzőlé  (én a tegnapi gombóchoz való burgonya főző- levet használtam)3 evőkanál olaj1 evőkanál ecet (20%)3 kávéskanál só1 evőkanál porcukor80 dkg BL 55 liszt2 dkg élesztő+ a kovászKovász készítése, sütés előtt 1-2 nappal.Kovász:140 ml víz15 BL 55 liszt1 evőkanál olaj½  kávéskanál só2 dkg élesztő
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Help me please (newbie)

February 2, 2012 - 10:02am -- james67543

Hello everybody, I have just started baking my own bread and it is so much more fun and tastier (and healthier I am sure) than supermarket bought.

There is one big problem that I have which is becoming very very frustrating and starting to make me feel like I should just give up and buy it again!

My problem is that every time I let the bread rise, I take the cling film off the top and the bread just collapses as if the air is being let out of a balloon!

If anybody would like to try and help me out on this issue I would be MOST grateful...


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What sort of rye is this and how would I achieve it?

January 30, 2012 - 6:27pm -- Graid

I was until recently under the mistaken impression that all rye bread was the sort you get in supermarkets in the UK and Belgium and Sweden. Small, dense, dark, and exceedingly rich in flavour.

This is the picture of the common UK brand. Like in Belgium and Sweden it is sold in the UK in pre-sliced form. The texture is crumbly and the bread has a habit of falling in half when you take the slices out. 

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Hi Guys

Just wanted to pop and in show you a loaf I baked the other day. Its an enriched bread with raisin's and fresh rosmary added.

I should have let it proof a bit more but it came out quite well I think. The flavour is brilliant. What I would change is the amout of proofing it had and what tempreture that I will bake the laof at as the cumb is a bit soft, but this might be the result of using butter in the recipe or cutting the bread too soon.. 

Please let me know what you think and if anyone would like to have the recipe.




Best way to eat it:

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My New Starter

January 25, 2012 - 1:01pm -- Kodiak7777


         I have decided to make a sourdough starter.

Using approx 15 grams of bread flour and 15 grams of fresh pineapple juice, I have created this

It has a consistency of thick pancake batter.

I have the starter in a glass jar, with a loose lid on top, and its sitting next to a rice cooker for warmth.

The last starter I made didn't seem to rise enough when I made bread, even after a 5-10 hour first rise.

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Cheap and easy built wood oven

January 24, 2012 - 4:01pm -- CountryWoodSmoke

Here's my wood fired oven I built last spring. I love using it, and have a blog on cooking and baking.

I make lots of my own bread, and have a favoured overnight sponge bread recipe I use.

Have a look at my build and see how cheap and easy it can be to have your own wood fired oven.




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Yesterday was the Day of Hungarian Culture. The anthem's birthday. In 1823, this dayKölcse Francis finished writing the National Anthem.
On that occasion, a small village in commemoration was very nice. Poetry, music, schoolshow, presentation and taste of bread and cakes.
I'm very happy because it was a great success and was the tasty creations!
The girls cooked a delicious tea cakes. Was a nice ceremony.
  Thanks to the organizers!

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Seeking feedback/advice about Bertazzoni gas oven

January 17, 2012 - 12:27am -- sparcplug

New here, have been browsing and have not found anything about a Bertazzoni Oven using the search. 

Recently my home oven died, and it is such a bad oven that I'm looking to upgrade rather than repair.

Does anyone have experience, advice, words of wisdom regarding the Bertazzoni Professional Series  X304GGVX  (30 inch, 4-burner, Gas Range)?   Especially in regards to baking bread?  I bake mostly 100% whole grain/fresh ground flour/rye or ww - so 'dense by design' bread


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