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Bread Tools

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Just posted a new focaccia video to our site if anyone is interested.

October 12, 2011 - 3:43pm -- frankie g

Hey everyone,

I just posted a new focaccia video on our website if your interested.

I hope you enjoy


Frankie G - FGpizza

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Makeshift Bread Baking Experiences

February 10, 2011 - 7:54am -- bobchristenson

I'm currently on vacation and am finding myself with absolutely no adequate tools for making a loaf of bread, but I'm doing it anyway :)  I thought it would be fun to hear people's stories of making bread when they have none of their normal, or even acceptable, tools and hear about how it came out.  Please share!

I'm currently in a vacation home and have none of my normal 'old reliables'...I'm not going to buy a bunch of stuff just to make a few loaves while here, so, here's what I've done:

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A wonderful breadmixing tool you may already own

April 16, 2010 - 12:35pm -- bnom

I don't own a Danish dough whisk but I do own a flat whisk--a tool designed for sauce making. I've found that it not only does a great job of whisking the fond (the brownish bits at the bottom of the sauce pan) and incorporating all the elements of a sauce, it is a splendid bread mixing tool. This versatile tool is strong enough to mix the dough and starter (it does a great job getting into the corners of my smallish SD container). And, because it's made of stainless steel wire, is super easy to clean.

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I have relocated my Bread Baker's Toolbox (Volume Conversion Formula Tool , Custom Batch Formula Tool) to one of my hosting servers at Now I can finally shut down my server at the house. I hope you can get some use out of these tools and I will be making more of them soon. If you have any suggestions for formula or conversion tools that would make your life easier, just let me know.

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As promised, I have added another tool to my "Bread Baker's Toolbox" for anyone to use. I call this one "The Custom Batch Formula Tool". You use this one when you have a bread formula with the ingredient quantities already specified by weight and you want to create a custom batch size. The software does the math, calculating the Baker's Percentages and displaying the results for your custom batch in both grams and ounces (US). I chose these units because they are the most common used in bread formulas by the home baker. Some large batch formulas will use pound (lbs.) and fractions of pounds. This is simple enough to solve; If you want a custom batch for 5  pounds so you can have 5 one pound loaves, just multiply 5 x 16 to determine total ounces for your custom batch. Anyway, I've put this tool through the paces...its very fast and accurate. Sometimes the final dough weight will equal 699 ounces when you specified 700...this is because each ingredient is rounded to 1/100 of and ounce or 1/100 of a gram. (you don't want to work with numbers that look like this: 234.34453040304004). Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements. Trust me, I can take the critical comments. As a software developer, I know that the product is never good enough for everybody and I can live with that....I just do my best:) Go to and follow the link. You can now choose between the Volume Conversion Formula  Tool and this new Custom Batch Formula Tool.

Custom Batch Formula Tool

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