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Bread Oven

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Played with the mud oven again today, and we got it good and hot! We even succeeded with the apocryphal "four minute pizza" of lore.



Ever since we built the oven we've heard that the ultimate woodfired pizza ovens cook in four minutes. BTW, I did bake them straight on the hearth (on parchment), they're just waiting on the sheet pan for the last pie to come out of the oven. The parchment pretty much turned black on the edges but did not combust, so I think I can safely vouch for 600 degrees + for parchment use!


Anyway, nothing like homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella from the farmer's market, with chopped basil, zucchini, peppers, and onions from the backyard (plus mushrooms and pepperoni).


Besides that, the usual batches of bread for some good summer eating for the next few weeks: sourdough, ciabatta, and a jalapeno cheddar loaf I've been playing with. I overproofed this batch but it still looks pretty tasty.


Also roasted some beets and garlic, and just pulled a couple of zucchini quick breads out as well. I'm pretty pooped but may still stick some tomatoes in to dry overnight, but then again, maybe I'll save it for next time!

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First Loaf in Bread Oven

June 5, 2007 - 9:12pm -- Abigail

  My Giddy Aunt, I am so excited. Baked my first loaf in our new Bread Oven, came out a bit black, but looks great. I have to experiment to get the right temperature. Cooking some meat sauce for speghetti to use up the heat. Also Quatan and weavershouse, I am a spinner and weaver too. Just finished cutting up sheets for my rag rugs, while I waited for the oven to get hot enough for the bread. Is there somewhere we can exchange news re weaving and spinning

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